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As part of our community outreach, we offer daily meditation, weekly prayer/invocation, and weekly discourse sessions. These sessions will be open to the public and will give opportunity for collaboration, fellowship, and unity. In addition, to our community outreach program, we will offer Reiki Healing Session, Reiki and Vibrational Workshops, Transpersonal Counseling Sessions, and Vibration Tuning Sessions.

Daily Meditation: This is a guided meditation session which participants can connect to take a mindful pause each day for a 10-minute meditation practice to cultivate a sense of inner peace and connection. Participants can tune in to our daily broadcast station, find a comfortable seated position, close their eyes, and bring their attention inwardly.

Weekly Prayer/Invocation: We will provide a physical and online forum for people to share their private prayer and invocation requests throughout the week. They are free to submit requests addressing personal challenges, healing intentions, seeking spiritual guidance, or any aspect of your life where they desire support. Their requests will be entrusted to our spiritual intercessors and healing practitioners, who will fervently pray and send healing energies to all those seeking support.

Weekly Discourse: Each week, we dive into a diverse array of metaphysical topics, ranging from the exploration of consciousness and energy healing to ancient wisdom, esoteric traditions, and the convergence of science and spirituality.