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Mission Statement: Our mission is to build a healthy community of peace, guided by the
unwavering commitment to instill and embody our core values and virtues. At the heart of our
endeavor is the promotion of Love, Balance, Peace, and Harmony. We strive to create a space
where individuals can cultivate these principles within themselves and radiate them outward to
contribute to the collective well-being of our community. Through the implementation of our
reiki courses, sound vibrational workshops, and group counseling sessions we aim to inspire
personal transformation, foster a sense of interconnectedness, and empower each member to
embrace and manifest the qualities of Love, Balance, Peace, and Harmony in every facet of their
lives. Together, we aspire to build not just a community, but a network of Light as a Feather
Community of Peace Centers where the pursuit of holistic health and spiritual growth flourishes,
and the echoes of Love, Balance, Peace, and Harmony resonate for the greater good of all.